Desk Guard

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Keep on working, wherever you go!
A simple, portable, and foldable desk guard for businesses, schools, and professionals.

  • 180 degree protection
  • Consists of 3 panels
  • Each panel is 90cm wide, and 60cm high and 2mm thick
  • Made from polycarbonate
  • Handles on every panel
  • Simple and quick installation
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Keep on working, wherever you go.

The Desk Guard is perfect for:

Coworking spaces & offices

  • Professionals are working together
  • Enhances safety at the workspace
  • Improves customer retention and loyalty

Freelancers & professionals

  • Start working outside of the home office
  • Portable and flexible solution that you can use on-the-go
  • Better hygiene and safety with your personal bubble

Schools, learning centres & institutions

  • Better hygiene and safety for teachers and pupils
  • Ability to fit all types of workstations
  • Help reduce the noise from other workstations